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The fast growth of Internet utilization has enhanced the need for business owners and service companies to place classified ad online. Also, with the changing situation and the increasing use of the Online classified ad programs are now being designed basically for web users. In addition to this, a number of classified websites are now offering the posting of ads free of cost.

The biggest advantage of online classified websites is that they have a much higher audience than that of the ads placed in a local paper, magazine or pamphlet. It is a fact that newspapers are being extinct and getting out of and computer, and online promotion is taking over by surprise.

It is the need of hour to have a strong presence in the internet market in order to have a global popularity. Classified websites are of two types- paid and free. Paid websites gives freedom to the people to place their ad at their desired place by paying more money. But, free classified ad works on the principle of ‘first come first serve’. The person who came first can acquire any of the space available and so on.

It is not necessary that a paid website will be more beneficial as even a reputed free classified website like s7ads.com and some others can also do the same for you and your business. They are worth in getting the aim completed which is in terms of high profit and increased ROI (Rate of Investment). But, before you go for any of the free classified website you must be aware of following 3 imperative points:

Place your ad only to the particular sites

It means don’t post your ad at every single classified website you find. As chances may happen that the site doesn’t include the category of your ad or may not be related to the kind of your business. Some people ponder that posting ad at more and more place or sites will give them more exposure. But that is not the right side of coin. People may think you a spammer or a rookie and may get irritated that will ultimately result into ignorance of your ad and business.

Never post in irrelevant categories

It is better to leave the site if it doesn’t contain the category of your business, rather to place your ad in wrong category. Your ad can receive bad response in this case. Post classified ad with integrity and you’ll achieve better results in less time and effort.

Don’t forget to put the link of your site in your ad

People in hasty forgets many important and crucial steps while posting the ad. The one is putting the link of the official website of your business in your ad. This will not make a professional image of your business rather will make your presence stronger among visitor. It will also increase the traffic on your own website.

Posting an ad will not require a single penny. But just need an undivided attention to prepare and eye-catchy advertise that will speak strongly on behalf of your business or company.

Author: riffre

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/online-promotion-articles/3-imperative-points-you-should-know-before-posting-your-ad-on-free-classified-website-6285335.html


A company having any specific kind of business requires special types of solutions to make its business presence robust and fortified as compare to other rivals present in the market. Without doing this, it has become such a challenge, which cannot be tackled by any company. For selling its brand and products or services associated with it to the customers, what is highly prominent is to look for such ways, which can be used a direct communication marketing with the customers. Amid all the solutions available pay per call marketing somewhere fits in the criteria. This is the kind of solution offering side in the arena of marketing, which is not only supreme in the form of providing increased sales and revenue to the company but also it is less time taking and requires less amount to invest as compare to other ideas.

But before going on with pay per call marketing option, it is mandatory to understand the type of this website and kind of solutions it adds to the account of company. Along with that, this should be taken into full consideration that in which way these solutions should be implemented to get the finest results ever. The purpose of switching to a pay per call like method of business promotion and marketing is needed to be known by the company before making any sort of investment and the first and very valuable motive behind this is to accomplish high levels of business acceleration and profit amplification.

To make sure that these all benefits are in-cashed well during the time of using pay per call solutions, the company should make sure that it has complete knowledge about the kind of service it is applying for business growth. In the process of these pay per call services, the company offers pay per call ads on the different websites, with the contact number and specially the timings in which the interested users can call to that number for any further reference or query. This connects the customers with the company easily and without wastage of any time. And, it also offers the company with the chance to create a great impression of the company on customer’s mind.

All in all, it can be clearly termed as that pay per call ads has a very valuable and highly significant role to play for the benefit of a company during the implementation of marketing solutions.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/raising-trends-of-pay-per-call-marketing-6128193.html

Author: Kaitlin

Author: David Little

While stock markets around the world retrace, the financial picture of Greece and Spain flounders and the world holds its collective breath waiting to see if there’ll be an attack on Iran and a spike in oil prices, there is a piece of outstanding economic news for those involved in the place-based digital media market.

2011 was a great year for digital out-of-home advertising, and this year is setting up to be even better. Data from PQ Media released in April show that global digital place-based networks, billboards and signage operators saw revenue grow by 15.3 percent to $6.97 billion last year. This year, the revenue figure is projected to be even better, growing 19.2 percent.

In the United States, DOOH operator revenue climbed by 11.2 percent last year. According to PQ Media, an econometric research and consulting service in Stamford, CT, digital billboard operators saw double-digit revenue growth and operators of place-based networks saw a high single-digital rate of growth.

According to the PQ Media “Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2012-16,” the compound annual global growth rate for the five year period will be 13.7 percent. Much of the revenue growth appears tied to a recognition of how important it is to reach consumers outside the home where they make purchases. “While TV remains the 800-pound gorilla of ad-based media due to its reach, scarcity and measurement, DPNs (digital place-based networks) offer brands opportunities to extend their reach by engaging target consumers with contextually relevant content in venues outside the home,” said PQ Media CEO Patrick Quinn.

Digital signage networks were one of the fastest-growing ad-based media in the United States last year. While PQ Media acknowledged a deceleration in the rate of growth in the second half of 2011 due to cyclical economic events, it found digital place-based networks experienced a revenue increase of 10.7 percent from 2006 to 2011.

According to PQ Media, digital place-based networks are likely to benefit indirectly from the Summer Olympics in London and the U.S. political campaign this fall. Both traditionally inject significant revenue into local television stations as well as cable and broadcast networks. This time around, however, PQ Media foresees a scarcity of TV inventory. As a result, major brands squeezed off television could be forced to consider other video platforms, such as digital place-based networks, said Quinn.

The latest revenue tally from PQ Media is another in a growing string of positive developments over the past couple of years for the digital signage industry. Together, they wins demonstrate that digital placed-based media is a viable and being taken seriously by companies with products to sell and the advertising agencies they hire.

The growing availability of audience metrics for digital place-based media is adding a sense of legitimacy about this new medium for those who control where ad dollars get spent. The PQ Media ad revenue numbers, therefore, shouldn’t be too surprising.

Going forward, the next big test for this medium will likely be whether or not those responsible for buying ads will reallocate dollars from television to digital place-based media.

With the possibility of too few available commercial slots on TV in the second half of the year, there might be a hint as to whether digital place-based media can begin taking on the “800-pound gorilla” and winning.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/digital-signage-advertising-hits-its-stride-5986204.html

About the Author

David Little is a charter member of the Digital Screenmedia Association with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to effectively communicate. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples. For more in-depth research from Keywest Technology, download our free digital signage white papers and case studies.

Author: Jim Kleypas

If you closely examine the relationships involved in creating your marketing communications, you will discover that there are many facets involved. It is of the utmost importance that all parties are in step with each other in order to produce a top-quality product. There are some ‘early warning signs’ that the creative understanding between an Agency and its clients might be, at best, out of sync, and at worst, headed for a train wreck. A few of these points are listed out below – I hope you not only enjoy them but that they provide some serious insights for you:

*Never Explain Rejections – If you keep quiet, and keep your unspoken goals to yourself, you will always have the upper hand on your creative team because they will never even get close to satisfying you.

*Cram Every Product Into Every Ad – You know those creative types – always trying to push a design that leaves so much ‘unused’ space on any given page. Even though a strong presentation on a commanding feature or benefit might actually sell something, don’t let all that space on the page go unused.

*Don’t Bother To Follow Up With Research – You might learn that some creative approach other than your own actually worked and deserved to be repeated or expanded to other product lines – but you would have to give up some control over the creative process and that would never do.

*Nit-Pick – There is nothing – and never will be anything – that cannot be criticized and ‘improved’ by you or your advertising committee. Even though your creative team has worked weeks to perfect a concept, it can always be torn down.

*Never, Repeat Never, Praise Good Work ­– Always keep the creative team on its toes by not telling them they have done good work. After all, you just might get more of the same.

These points were originally written to try to provide guidance to some young, but inexperienced, Account Executives on the Agency side of the business.  They have been in my file, and in the back of my mind, for over thirty years and I am still amazed at the timeless wisdom they represent.  If nothing else, they are a reminder that any successful creative problem solving can only be achieved if the whole team is rowing in the same direction.  If, in the execution of your marketing communications program, you begin to sense that something might be out of sync on the creative side of things, solve that problem first – then tackle the bigger creative issues.   Early warning signs might start small but they will quickly mushroom to proportions that can completely derail a creative effort.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/branding-articles/creativity-killers-early-warning-signs-5737494.html

About the Author

Clients who work with Jim Kleypas on their communications challenges enjoy the advantage of a thoroughly professional, highly experienced team leader. A former corporate ad manager, Jim entered the agency business as an account executive and moved up through the ranks to the position of agency principal and president. Along the way, he repeatedly demonstrated a keen sense for understanding client needs and how to manage his team to produce cost-effective, high-impact solutions.

Jim’s years of experience on both sides of the client-agency relationship gives him a broad perspective of both client needs and innovative marketing strategies. From client to client, Jim demonstrates a consistent ability to increase market share while remaining sensitive to budget guidelines and each client’s unique personality. When it comes to supervision of an agency’s relationship with a client, executives nationwide know they can rely on Jim Kleypas to deliver success-oriented results.

Author: Carol Gracias

The modes of communication and the methods of incorporating the business have gone radical changes with the passage of time. Being a professional, your credible attitude ensures the continuing success of a business house and as well to maintain your customers and clients loyalty. Apart of providing better products and services, maintaining a friendly relationship with the clients becomes so necessary today. You can easily maintain a booming relationship with your clients using a compliment slip. This indispensable element of communication has become the first choice of any businesses which are keen in making perfect communication and strong relationship with their clients.

Compliment slip printing is done on paper that comes with similar information to that of any letterhead or visiting card etc such as name of the contact person, address and salutation etc. It needs to put some space for few lines similarly like hand written message. The compliment slips are used to express a variety of expression making your message very much personalized so that the receiver easily can feel the sense including in it.

Having a complete knowledge of the purpose of compliment slips is necessary in taking correct decision for its printing. You need to check the quality of the paper, color, fonts and backgrounds etc that you are going to use in your compliment slip. And even when writing the personal note words must be selected in accordance with the purpose, so it does not make the recipient feel confused. The size of the slips can vary as per the requirement of user. They are as small as a visitor card, or it can be a large sheet depending on requirement. These slips can also be used as ‘thank you note’ or can be used as an ‘acknowledgment’ or can be used to show ‘appreciation’. A well designed compliment slip remains for long time in the memory of the receiver. Therefore, it becomes essential to be printed in an artistic manner to serve their purpose and express all emotions.

Benefits of Compliments Slips:

•    The compliment slips are the best way to express your gratitude, apologize for some sorts of mistake or to say a warm ‘Thank You’ to your clients or business associates.

•    Compliment slip printing is the prerequisite for all those businesses who harvest a desire to ensure perfect communication and relation with their prospective customers.

•    Take the benefits of the printing companies that offer free compliment slip printing facilities to attract their target customers. These printing companies are confident of their superior services and innovative ideas.

•    A compliment slip contains your business logo, personal message and address to allow people to connect with your business with ease.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/printing-articles/compliments-slips-a-success-business-tool-5721910.html

About the Author

Carol is an expert article author, sharing the information about compliment slips and online printing through article, news, press release and blogs. For more information on print product and online printing visit our website.

Author: Emily Stoik

What is Brand Marketing Online?

Brand marketing online is probably one of the most important methods of enhancing the success and reputation of your business.  Whether you like it or not, everything that you do online will either help or hurt your Online Brand.

But what is your Online Brand anyways and how do you go about building brand visibility?

Your “brand” is the identity or personality of your business and “brand marketing online” is anything and everything you do online to promote and reinforce the reputation of your business.  Your brand should help define your business, what it stands for and what your customers will think of when they think of your business.

So how can you be sure that you create a Brand that positively reflects the way you want your business to be seen online?  What are some of the top secrets to building an authentic and lasting brand online?

As online entrepreneurs, my husband and I have had the privilege of learning and teaching Brand Marketing Online and Business Development for a few years now.  From our experience, we have learned that there are some specific strategies you can use for building brand visibility and reinforcing an authentic brand for your business online. Here are some of the most important things that you should know:

brand-reputation-management.jpgBrand Marketing Online- The Top 5 Secrets to Building an Authentic and Lasting Brand Online:

1.  Be Real!  Be Yourself! First of all, when you set out to start defining and creating your online brand, you need to be sure that what you are doing is authentic and real.  Be yourself!  Don’t try to copy someone else or be someone that you’re not.  It will be too difficult and stressful for you if you are continually trying to force your business to fit into a mold that isn’t natural to what you stand for and what you believe in.  With brand marketing online, you really need to make a conscientious effort to stay true to what is important to you so that your business, products and services will reflect a feeling of authenticity and integrity that will help your customers to like and trust you.

2.  “Bloom Where You’re Planted!” So, yeah, that’s a cute saying, but what does that actually mean when it comes to online branding?  It means that you really need to know and define your target market and then find out how you can fit in.  You need to really research and understand the audience that you want to reach and how you can help them.

Whether you will be selling real estate, mortgage loans, or children’s clothing, if you really want to be effective with your brand marketing online, you need to have an excellent grasp on your target audience and what is important to them.  What are they looking for in a product or service and how can you fit in and meet those needs?

What is your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition? What makes your business unique in the market place and why should a customer choose You over the competition?  These are all things you need to consider as you define your brand and company identity!  Know your strengths and what sets you and your company apart so that you can really emphasize your benefits and USPs to your customers!

Remember that strong and defined online branding helps to create a lasting impression for the customer as well as a better reputation for the company.

Some company’s that have really excelled at this are:

  • McDonald’s–known for fast service and consistent food choices.
  • NetFlix–known for speed, convenience, good service and low cost.
  • and the Ritz-Carlton Hotels–which are known for beautiful design, excellent customer service and just high quality luxury in general!

3.  Make Your Presence Known!: The next secret to building an authentic and lasting online brand is to set up your online presence by claiming a Company Name and then domain name for your website and/or blog.  Check for availability through a site such as GoDaddy or 1&1.  As soon as you find a great name and domain that you love, buy the URL as soon as possible so that no one else can take it!  Your company name and website will be a big part of your brand so this will be one of the first things for you to do!

4.  Use Social Media and Online Marketing to Your Advantage! So once you have a domain and a website or blog set up and ready to promote, it’s time to start attracting clients and helping them to find you online by utilizing social media and internet tools for building brand visibility.  Be sure you have at least a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account so that you can communicate with your customers and help showcase who you are and what you have to offer!  Both of these social networking sites have been instrumental in helping businesses to build phenomenal online brands.  Because of the viral natural of social media, even small businesses can build an impressive customer base and online reputation in a simple but powerful way!

5.  Earn Your “Expert” Status! Another top way to help reinforce your brand online and showcase yourself as an expert in your industry is by providing content such as articles, videos or blog posts that appeal to your specific audience.  When you really understand your market and what they are searching for online, you can provide content to meet their needs and provide value for them as well as positively reinforce your brand as a business that provides knowledge and value to the marketplace and that is worth following.

  • Article Marketing: One of my favourite methods of building brand visibility is it write and submit articles to online ezine websites.  Is your audience looking for the top things to look for when buying a new home?  Write about what they should be looking for!  Is your particular market looking for the top ways to lose weight or stay committed to an exercise routine?  Then write about that!
  • Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization: With brand marketing online and building brand visibility you need to be sure you really know your market inside and out.  Research what they are searching for online and what keywords they are typing into the search engines and then you can create content that will be found when they are doing their searches.  Be sure you understand how to use the Best Keywords for Online Advertising and branding.   Keyword research and search engine optimization techniques will ensure that all of your online marketing campaigns will rank on the first pages of the search engines and be found quickly by your chosen audience!

It really isn’t hard to build an authentic and lasting brand online.  As long as you keep these things in mind and always strive to reinforce a consistent online brand, people will continue to follow you and your business.  Your successful brand marketing online as a leader in your field and a business people can trust, will ensure a lasting and successful brand that will continue to grow and prosper well into the future!

Next, learn more of the top secrets to Brand Marketing Online and Building Brand Visibility. Fill in the form on the first page and then watch the videos on steps 2 and 3 of the second page to see how to implement the top online marketing techniques to help develop a more credible and authentic brand online!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/branding-articles/brand-marketing-online-the-top-5-secrets-to-building-brand-visibility-and-positively-enhancing-your-online-brand-4121791.html

About the Author

Emily Stoik is an Online Marketing Coach and Corporate Trainer for what is arguably the World’s Largest Internet Marketing School available today, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center. Specializing in Article Marketing, Social Media Networking and other aspects to a profitable Internet Marketing Strategy, she and her husband train both Total Beginners and Seasoned Pros around the world to achieve Financial Freedom through proven business tactics and on-going education to stay ahead of the trends and remain highly competitive in the marketplace.

Author: Stephanie Aiello

Your organization’s brand is essentially a relationship built with the consumer. And just like relationships between two human beings, it requires constant maintenance to keep it alive. Re-evaluating your relationship doesn’t necessarily indicate something is wrong – it just means some changes will make it stronger. The same goes for your company. The branding strategy used today may not work as effectively as when it was established 15 years ago. Planning a rebranding strategy is a critical and smart move for any industry.

How to Determine if You’re in Need of a Rebranding Strategy

Organizations rebrand all the time – it’s part of the natural business cycle. If you are unsure of whether your company needs a rebranding strategy, read these common reasons. If you answer yes to one or more, it may be a good time to speak to your team:

1. Your products, services, or business as a whole have changed

2. You want to change the consumer’s perception of your organization

3. You need to distinguish yourself from the competition

4. You are losing your share of the market and/or employees

5. Your marketing message is inconsistent or unaligned with your business strategy

If you don’t know where to begin, a branding firm can help you develop a new branding strategy with a fresh pair of eyes. Any branding strategy begins with research and brainstorming, followed by brand differentiation from competition. After that, the branding strategy development and execution is led by ideas.

Remember that branding is not forcing your presence into the consumer’s lifestyle; it\’s more of a conversation. Consumers have complete control of where, when, and how they receive information about products, so as a brand your goal is to simply make an impression in the right places.

New Branding Strategy: Changing Channels

Rebranding strategies are especially important today with the advancement in technology. The channels your company used even just a couple years ago could use some updating. A branding firm will examine your target audience and how they receive information, and then formulate the best marketing platform based on the findings. Companies must take into consideration the influence of mobile, video, Internet, and interactive marketing in today\’s society. If your marketing message is not represented through these channels, you could be losing market share.

Branding firms work closely with their clients’ visions to produce innovative marketing messages through these newer platforms. Videos, for example, are a huge marketing tool that can potentially attract a new audience. A branding firm can create a visually and contextually compelling video in line with your business strategy and other marketing collateral.

At one point or another, every organization must step back and evaluate how the core functions of your business line up with how consumers perceive your brand. Change through rebranding is natural and beneficent – keep your message fresh, relevant, and well executed by periodically creating a new branding strategy.  

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/branding-articles/time-for-a-company-makeover-revisit-your-branding-strategy-5497862.html

About the Author
Stephanie Aiello is a freelance writer for The Merz Group, and full service branding firm with experience in virtually every industry. To learn more about a branding strategy or rebranding strategy for your organization, visit our website at Themerzgroup.com.

Online marketing involves embracing various strategies that can bring about brand awareness and customer loyalty. The Internet offers numerous opportunities to share product information. However, it is important to create a plan based on research to ensure ad campaigns are suited for your demographic market.

To achieve success with online marketing requires exploration of all available strategies and how they can enhance your business. While it is best to incorporate a diverse mix of advertising mediums, not all are practical when first starting a business.

After research is complete, the next step involves developing a written marketing plan. Considerations should include the wants and needs of the target market and the type of ads they respond to.

One virtually untapped advertising method is mobile marketing. Millions of consumers utilize their cell phone to access the Internet, text, chat, and respond to email. At present, approximately 20-percent of the 5 billion cell phone subscribers use their phone as a computer. Companies that want to take their business to a new level should consider learning the fundamentals of mobile marketing.

It is crucial to investigate Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines before engaging in mobile marketing. Companies must avoid making false claims or sending ads to individuals who have not opted-in to a mailing list. Non-compliance with FTC regulations can lead to expensive fines and legal expenses and may result in loss of business.

Podcast marketing is a powerful online marketing tool that can be used in multiple ways. Audio podcasts are a great way to share product information and company insights. They can be used to broadcast a sponsored Internet radio show or to present interviews with industry experts.

Podcasts are an affordable way to build brand awareness by providing entertaining or educational information. The secret to success is publishing new podcasts on a regular basis. Doing so can help companies develop a dedicated group of listeners who will share podcasts with others.

Another exceptional Internet marketing tool is online videos. The secret to success with this strategy is determining viewing habits of the demographic market. As mentioned earlier, many consumers view videos via handheld devices. Companies need to consider the size and duration to minimize bandwidth use while providing attention-grabbing marketing messages.

Lastly, article marketing is an influential online marketing tool. This advertising medium can be used to build a reputation as an industry-expert. Many business owners neglect article marketing because it is a practice that requires a fulltime writer. It can be advantageous to hire freelance writers experienced in SEO and LSI techniques.

It can be challenging to stay abreast of all available online marketing strategies. Business owners often find it beneficial to work with an online media marketing consultant. These professionals can decrease the amount of time required to implement ad campaigns and reduce associated costs. They can also help owners determine which techniques are best suited for their business model.

Article Source:

About the Author
Online Marketing DNA provides customized
online marketing packages. Whether just starting out or an established business, we offer something for everyone. Learn how to launch your business to the next level at www.OnlineMarketingDNA.com.

Author: John Hammond

Is Facebook Advertising Different from Advertising on Google’s PPC Platform?

Yes it is..

And at this point in time many advertisers are getting it wrong.

Get it right and not only will you get cheaper clicks but also an avalanche of targeted traffic to your business and website.

Recently Google stated that the only company they fear in their internet domination is Facebook.


Because Facebook is now bigger than Google with over 500,000,000 registered users, that’s right there are more people registered on Facebook than there are men, women and children in the USA. Imagine the potential of this market place to advertisers?

Before we even consider this it is worth analysing the development of Facebook and their data collection techniques. What I find intriguing about Facebook is the data that is compiled on each individual is given over freely by that individual and in great detail too.

When people register on Facebook they are happy to list their main interests, the TV programmes and movies they love and the books they read, the activities they enjoy and even what religion they are associated with. All this data and information means that the advertiser is able to laser target their marketing campaigns.

Let me give you an example, lets say someone has listed Star Trek as their favourite programme, I would assume there are many ‘Trekies’ the world over registered on Facebook or even a Facebook group or a Fan Page that is dedicated to the Final Frontier itself! Ok?

Let’s say I am a promoter of Star Trek Conferences, what I can now do is place an advert up on Facebook and advertise to all of the people who have listed Star Trek as one of their favourite programmes. (I will go into this in more detail later on) but you get the idea?

What this means to Google is that there is now a rival platform where advertisers can spend their money and at this point in time get cheaper clicks. The price of Facebook Advertising is one twentieth the cost of advertising on Google at the time of compiling this article.

However there is a major difference in the type of paid advertising you should execute on both platforms. Google as we know and love it has the two advertising opportunities of Google Ad words and Ad sense..

Ad words is where we can bid on some keywords and put up our own advertising either in the top 3 positions or on the right hand side of the page when someone enters a Google search, Ad sense is where we can incorporate our advert into Googles Content Display Network. Now the key to remember here is that this advertising is search based, we are trying to identify keywords that people are searching under within the Google so that we can have our ad appear in front of them.

With Facebook we have much more detailed data on an individual and in fact on many individuals, but there is not a complex search system on Facebook. What Facebook will do is place your ad in front of people relating to the interests, activities, TV programmes and movies that they have detailed in their personal profiles. So the Keywords to search under within Facebook are the detailed words within the personal profiles of people who have registered on Facebook.

Facebook advertising allows the advertiser more characters within their advert and also and more importantly a picture that can be displayed with the advert. This is where Facebooks advertising differs to Google.

Even though Facebook advertising can be executed with keywords which are peoples interests or activities that they have already told us they are interested in and we can utilise, the picture we place with the ad turns Facebook into ‘Display Advertising’ rather than Google’s ‘Search Advertising’. So the choice of picture and the impact that picture has on the viewer is of paramount importance.

So let’s go back to our Star Trek Conference example.. what picture do you think would immediately say ‘Star Trek?’ For me it would be a head and shoulders picture Mr. Spock making his Vulcan greeting sign.. you know the one where he splits the fingers of his hand. This would almost instantly grab the attention of a Trekkie.. pair that with a headline of ‘Wanna Meet Mr.Spock? I know I could be onto a winner!

So think about the niche you are in what picture depicts that niche and what image might you use to stand out from the norm to get noticed within that niche? Start to look at ads that are running on Facebook and look for images that stand out for you to give you some ideas.

What we must take further into consideration now is that Google has proclaimed that in the future they will really only be interested in big corporate clients who have over $100,000 a month to spend on their PPC search advertising, the knock on effect for the small internet entrepreneur is that clicks in Google will cost a lot more and there will be possibly even more hurdles to jump through to get a good quality score with your advert.

All you have to do is compare how easy it was to advertise when Google was in its infancy, essentially anything was OK, where as now advertising with Google is much more complex and of course the dreaded ‘Google Slap’ sits prominently waiting for its next victim!

So yes advertising on Facebook is definitely different from advertising on Google. Facebook is ‘Display Advertising’ whereas Google is ‘Search based’. When we talk of Display think magazine style advertising..

A picture paints a thousand words, research magazines and make a note of pictures that stand out to you. Look at adverts that include pictures within them and decide why that picture has been placed with that ad, then incorporate this strategy into your Facebook advertising.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-articles/is-facebook-advertising-different-from-advertising-on-googles-ppc-platform-3920505.html

Author: Paul Ashby

Sin No. 1

And in many ways this is the biggest sin of them all!
The total lack of genuine accountability and effectiveness. More and more evidence is emerging that there is ample justification for questioning a major advertising pretension that it does, indeed, work at all!

The repetitious cry and certain belief that “creativity” is the answer to all marketing problems – it isn’t and frankly never really has been.

It’s a given that all human knowledge is provisional but it is also incremental, the sum of what we know to day is far greater than thirty years ago – with, possibly, the sole exception of marketing/advertising. Nothing new has been added to the armory of advertising…no debate is taking place as to where to go next! Perhaps that is because there is no place else to go!

However to day it is still an article of faith among advertising people that advertising will not change because ‘it works’!

Facing the painful truth is the first essential step in devising a sensible strategy for the perpetuation of advertising. And the painful truth is “Advertising no longer works”!

Sin No 2.

Is it because that, for financial reasons, you do not want to address the problem of clutter…because it is a huge and growing problem which contributes to the declining effectiveness of all advertising.
The poor old customer, or in advertising speak, Consumer, does not want to take delivery of even more messages, after all they do not appear to be taking much notice of the messages that exist already!
The advertising world has dehumanized and depersonalized the process of communication and very little evidence of consideration of the consumer exists.

Sin No.3

You just don’t listen, whenever some well meaning person dares to question the “Advertising Works” article of faith, down comes a torrent of abuse, and the fact is it can only be a torrent of abuse because you do not have a solid fact to support your spurious claims. Listen to your Clients:
As one large Client recently explained: ‘In to day’s marketing landscape, building a brand is about a whole lot more than advertising. An advertising agency alone cannot deliver everything we need – even though agencies may claim to deliver this, it’s a myth’.
Or even listen to people closer to home:
Derek Morris, Chairman and chief executive of ZenithOptimedia attended ‘Media 360 Conference’ in Wales. In a long letter in MediaWeek, he said, among other things, ‘But what are the lessons to bring home from South Wales? What should we actually do? And there, in the final session, reality caught up when the Client told us to ‘Change before you are dead’.

Sin No.4

If you don’t want to listen then for Heavens sake forget the glorious past.
Your current model of advertising was developed in the Sixties when product choice was much more limited and people were easier to stereotype into categories like income, sex and class. It was much easier for advertisers to target people and bombard them with sales messages.

Today’s marketplace is different and all the old certainties are gone. To be effective in your communications it is sound advice to start with the premise that you know nothing about the people that you believe your product is aimed at.

You all have become too parochial, too introspective, too convinced by your on hyperbole.

Sin No.5

Stop this insane rush onto Web 2.0 it is not a medium intended for mass advertising, and, as has been recently established, “Users became more or less desensitized to the Advertising”

That was recently said of advertising on social networking sites.

Clients are experiencing fast diminishing returns on their social networking ad investments.

Clients are expressing disillusionment.

Web marketers, ranging from Google at the apex of the ad triangle to the mass of small companies are showering social-networking sites with ad dollars without getting their hoped-for returns.

The question is not ‘Has the advertising model broken’? The question now is ‘What are we going to replace it with’?

The complacency of the IPA is overwhelming, they appear not to be doing anything to answer the increasingly strident complaints.

Complaints such as, clutter, and here the irony is that advertising agencies appear to think that placing more advertisements is the way to solve clutter!

Complaints such as lack of accountability, to day, and after fifty years of extensive advertising, there are no reliable figures available on audience measurements.

And most certainly there are no effective studies as to the effectiveness of advertising…on sales…. As a return on ROI…and much more.

To day it is more important that a close investigation as to the suitability of advertising on Web 2.0 be undertaken instead of rushing onto the Net and ignoring all the signs. These are that it is a highly unsuitable medium for advertising.

After all it is ‘The Wild West’ where anything goes!

Sin No.6

Your inability to move very rapidly into the post-advertising mindset is caused by you being unable to recognize Sins 1 through 5 above.

Astonishingly, a sizable percentage of marketers and marketing-service leaders seem mired in the advertising mind-set.

The Cannes Lions Festival still celebrates ads-a position, one suspects, roughly equivalent to the Cannes Film Festival honoring silents. The One Show held two concurrent programmes this year-one for conventional ads, another for on line. (One wonders who in this mix felt like a second-class citizen).

In a transparent world, the power of an “ad campaign” to change minds is strictly limited, and getting more so every day. It’s way past time for the industry’s leaders to get naked and reinvent advertising…it they can!

Sin No.7
Your complete and utter lack of understanding of the word “communication” together with a lack of appreciation as to what can, and does, stifle effective communication.

All advertising is a form of learning whereby the advertiser is asking people to change their behavior after learning the benefits of the products or services on offer. However, we all tend to filter out information, which we do not want to hear. This clearly alters the effectiveness of conventional advertising in quite a dramatic way.

The final purchase decision is invariably a compromise and this leads to a certain amount of anxiety; the worry that perhaps the decision was not the best or the right one. In order to minimise this anxiety the purchaser seeks to reinforce their choice and begins to take more notice of their chosen product’s marketing communications.

Due to a lack of understanding of the communication process we have created a media society during the past 40 or 50 years, where the whole process has been de-humanized.

There is now an extraordinary reduction in interaction because conventional advertising and marketing have become a one-way practice whereby information is disseminated in a passive form.

So what are you going to do about this?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-articles/the-seven-deadly-sins-of-advertising-333101.html

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