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What are your average opens/clicks from your mailings?

There is no average open/click percentage from our mailings. We have sent out thousands of mailings for hundreds of clients in our 8 years in business and each campaign is distinctly different.

For example, the open percentage is based heaviest on the subject line of the mailing. If your subject line tells the story of the mailing, the open rate will be lower as people do not need to open their email to know what your offer is.

As far as clicks are concerned, that factor is based heaviest on the call to action in your ad. If your ad displays the price of your product/service, the amount of clicks to your website will be lower as people will not have to "click through" for more information. 

The good news is that we have a ton of experience with virtually every industry and will be happy to work with you to tweak your subject line/lines and ad to get the maximum open and click rate on each mailing. 

What type of response rate should I expect?

This is an impossible question to answer. Your campaign's success is based on a number of factors, such as: 

  • Your offer or call to action
  • Your subject line
  • Your pricing strategy
  • Your brand recognition
  • The ease of use of your website
  • The quality of your shopping experience

and more...

We are completely committed to your campaign's success and will work with you on all factors above to get you the best possible response from your campaign.

After all, your success ensures our success!

Are your broadcasting servers whitelisted?

Yes, we are whitelisted with all major ISPs. We employ a team of ISP relations specialists that work with each major ISP to adhere to their constantly changing guidelines and best practices to insure delivery into their networks. 

How do you track the responses?

We are one of the only companies that offers unique online tracking that keeps track of every email subscriber in our network. This gives us the ability to analyze your campaign down to the actual people that open, click and convert on your site and allows us to send unique follow-up messages to those people. Your online reporting will include the opens, clicks and click stream updated in real time!

How much does it cost?

We shop our prices very carefully to insure we remain competitive while providing the best quality lists in the industry. Email list pricing is based on the following factors: 

  • Type of list
  • Quantity
  • Frequency

Be sure to contact one of our account executives today for a free quote!

How do you obtain your opt-in email addresses?

This is what really sets us apart from our competitors: 
We compile our data using a unique and very effective method. All of our names are derived from our database management agreements with companies such as Geico, AT&T, Dell, and Papa John’s to name a few. We send out an E-Survey to their raw data to find out more info about them as consumers and the last question of the survey is asking them if they would like to receive offers and/or promotions from screened advertisers based on their interests. If they check yes, we then send them a confirmation email making sure it is indeed them opting in and that they are sure they want to be added to our list. We find our method is much better than most other companies methods of list scraping, co-registration and sweepstakes offers.

Do you guarantee delivery?

Yes, we guarantee 100% delivery of all mailings.  It is of the utmost importance to us that your campaign has the greatest chance of success and the first component of that is to get the emails delivered. We have a team of ISP relations experts that work with all of the major ISPs to adhere to their often changing policies and best practices. 

Can I purchase the email list for unlimited usage?

We are afraid this would be impossible. In our industry no company that goes to the expense and time in getting subscribers to opt-in for email advertisements would take the risk of violating those subscriber's trust in "selling off" their information. As you can imagine it costs virtually nothing to send out an email, so if a company "sold off" their subscribers, that list would get abused very quickly. This is why we offer the list rental program. It enables us to control the offers/ads that get sent to our subscribers to insure they will be receptive to the offers that are sent to them.