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Many companies have extensive client database records that contain all of the pertinent contact information with the exception of an email address. Our email appending services can provide accurate e-mail addresses for normally 5% to 15% of your company's database records. 

Complement your direct mail, telemarketing or other marketing media with online communications to reinforce your brand. Make another connection with your customers using Estrela's e-mail append.

Retain your customers
Offer your customers the convenience and immediacy of online communications and transactions. Retain your customers by keeping your brand top-of-mind through consistent, relevant and interactive email communications.

Drive e-commerce sales
Your current offline customers represent some of your most promising online prospects. Our e-mail append helps you identify your customers who may prefer buying online.

We make is easy
We send initial e-mail marketing message to your online customers to determine consumers' preferences.

We make it cost efficient
We return your customer file with appended deliverable e-mail addresses and opt out flags. Pricing starts at a low price of $0.40 per matched consumer name and $1.00 per business name.