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     Today, advertising norms and trends have changed a lot. Modern advertisers have various media options of promoting his brand amongst customers. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising practices are still adopted by brand owners to advertise their products. However, two advertising mediums have emerged as in-demand modes of positioning a brand with an individualistic impact on any customer’s mind. The two means of advertising are mobile phones and internet devices. Of late, mobile advertising and internet advertising practices have been widely adopted by brand owners to promote their brands amongst prospects/buyers. Assuring targeted impact on customers’ mind, mobile advertising or internet advertising practices have become quite popular amongst modern brand owners.

     The changing lifestyle of modern customers is perhaps one of the reasons that encourage modern advertisers/brand owners to enormously use these two advertising channels. Due to time restraint, maximum numbers of modern customers look for personalized means of accessing brand information. Mobile advertising and internet advertising practices let these customers carry the brand message right in the pockets or palms or in their computer devices. Mobile phones and internet devices are personalized possessions of any individual. Therefore communicating the brand message through mobile or internet media is synonymous to conveying the ad message through the most personalized channels of any individual. An escalated growth is further expected in mobile and internet advertising domain.

     Many brand owners are going to adopt these two advertising channels on a large scale in the near future. Suiting the contemporary marketing tactics, internet advertising and mobile advertising are rightfully accredited as two most modern means of advertising (also poised to become the two future means of brand communication). For emerging brand owners, internet and mobile advertising media are two surest means of launching any promotion campaign of their brands. Making the brand message portable and accessible from any location, internet and mobile media have infact created an extravaganza in modern advertising.Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising campaigns are two fast growing modes of brand promotion widely implemented by modern brand owners and advertisers. Advertising through mobile and internet media provides easy and immediate impact on customers.  Also considered as two most relevant advertising means that match the lifestyle of modern customers, the importance of mobile and internet advertising practices keeps increasing day by day. Maximum numbers of brands have created their online presence and are advertising through the various internet advertising means. Likewise, most of the brand owners are readily spending for various mobile advertising campaigns.

     A look-out for richer advertising channels amongst brand owners resulted in the discovery of internet and mobile media as two customized means of advertising.  However, the main advantage of advertising through internet and mobile media is providing the brand message to customers in a discreet manner without seeking or calling for special attention. Unlike television ads or radio ads, mobile or internet ads provide the brand message in a discreet manner through personalized channels of an individual. Customers can go through the brand message anytime at their own will (without any force exerted by anyone).  If the brand message is interesting one can consider of buying the brand or share its information amongst friends and acquaintances, if found irrelevant, one can simply avoid it.From an advertiser’s point of view, one has complete control over any mobile or internet campaign. As per the brand owner’s choice, the campaign can be started or stopped anytime. One can also measure the reach or impact created by the ongoing campaign. This provides any advertiser a choice to continue or discontinue the campaign. If customers are providing a good response to the overall campaign, the advertiser can continue his campaign, if otherwise, he can simply discontinue it. This measurability of the entire advertising campaign is one of the main reasons that have encouraged brand owners to adopt internet and mobile advertising media.

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