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Author: Stephanie Aiello

Your organization’s brand is essentially a relationship built with the consumer. And just like relationships between two human beings, it requires constant maintenance to keep it alive. Re-evaluating your relationship doesn’t necessarily indicate something is wrong – it just means some changes will make it stronger. The same goes for your company. The branding strategy used today may not work as effectively as when it was established 15 years ago. Planning a rebranding strategy is a critical and smart move for any industry.

How to Determine if You’re in Need of a Rebranding Strategy

Organizations rebrand all the time – it’s part of the natural business cycle. If you are unsure of whether your company needs a rebranding strategy, read these common reasons. If you answer yes to one or more, it may be a good time to speak to your team:

1. Your products, services, or business as a whole have changed

2. You want to change the consumer’s perception of your organization

3. You need to distinguish yourself from the competition

4. You are losing your share of the market and/or employees

5. Your marketing message is inconsistent or unaligned with your business strategy

If you don’t know where to begin, a branding firm can help you develop a new branding strategy with a fresh pair of eyes. Any branding strategy begins with research and brainstorming, followed by brand differentiation from competition. After that, the branding strategy development and execution is led by ideas.

Remember that branding is not forcing your presence into the consumer’s lifestyle; it\’s more of a conversation. Consumers have complete control of where, when, and how they receive information about products, so as a brand your goal is to simply make an impression in the right places.

New Branding Strategy: Changing Channels

Rebranding strategies are especially important today with the advancement in technology. The channels your company used even just a couple years ago could use some updating. A branding firm will examine your target audience and how they receive information, and then formulate the best marketing platform based on the findings. Companies must take into consideration the influence of mobile, video, Internet, and interactive marketing in today\’s society. If your marketing message is not represented through these channels, you could be losing market share.

Branding firms work closely with their clients’ visions to produce innovative marketing messages through these newer platforms. Videos, for example, are a huge marketing tool that can potentially attract a new audience. A branding firm can create a visually and contextually compelling video in line with your business strategy and other marketing collateral.

At one point or another, every organization must step back and evaluate how the core functions of your business line up with how consumers perceive your brand. Change through rebranding is natural and beneficent – keep your message fresh, relevant, and well executed by periodically creating a new branding strategy.  

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/branding-articles/time-for-a-company-makeover-revisit-your-branding-strategy-5497862.html

About the Author
Stephanie Aiello is a freelance writer for The Merz Group, and full service branding firm with experience in virtually every industry. To learn more about a branding strategy or rebranding strategy for your organization, visit our website at Themerzgroup.com.

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